Metro Woodcarvers Weekend 2017

Metro Wood Carving Weekend Brochure Classes – 2017 – PDF (click)


Kolrosing_Maura CoreyMaura Corey Kolrosing: the decorative art of making a fine – incision in wood that is brought to life by rubbing in a colorant, such as coffee. Class description: Two Kolrosed projects; one on practice board, the other on the lid of a Nordic style bowl or round plate. Design choices will be provided. History of Kolrosing; a description of all supplies needed; fundamentals of design and pattern application; a step-by-step tutorial of the complete Kolrosing process and aspect of combine needing additional art mediums. Materials needed to purchase prior to attending workshop: Kolrosing knife: $27.00; Cost $13.00 – $ 15.00.  Additional materials participant may want to bring from home: tracing paper, graphite transfer paper, scotch tape, eraser, pencil, stylus, clipboard, acrylic paints, paintbrush and sandpaper. Contact Maura Corey at:




Fisherman_Lee Olson2Lee Olson: Scandinavian style carving of a fisherman. He is on a blank 7″ tall and carrying a fishing pole and holding his fish tight to his oversized belly. Lee will give a history of the flat plain style carvings of Norway and Sweden and also show his collection of his carvings from his teachers, Harley Refsal and Bill Jaeger. This “carving in the round” is for the new carvers that have had the Metro carving club for beginner’s class as well as other experienced carvers. They will show you how he makes his fishing poles and will furnish fishing hooks. Skill level: beginner to intermediate. Cost: $25 skill level. Contact Lee Olson at:





Chip Carving_Bill Ness

Bill Ness: Chip carving. All students will start with a practice board to hone skills, then process to projects such as casters, trivets, and jewelry/recipe boxes. If you do not yet have a Chip carving knife, I have samples from most manufacturers to try out before buying. Skill level: beginner to advanced. Cost for materials: $15 plus additional project fees. Contact Bill Ness at: 

I will have many coasters and trivets to choose from. It would be nice to know if someone wanted a box ($20-25) or a Celtic cross ($12.00) because I only have a few on hand and will need to make some more.




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Whimzy House_Bob LawrenceBob Lawrence: Whimzy house made of basswood. Bob will provide 2″ X 2″ X 5″ to 7″ predrilled blank, battery and light. Students can utilize various samples to make their own or be creative. Finishing materials will be available. Bring: Palm tools/knife and your imagination. Occ/Denny tools will be available. Cost: $25.00. Contact Bob Lawrence at:







Crappie_Perry JohsPerry Johs: a 13″ crappie will be this year’s wood carving project. We will use butternut wood to carve the fish. Note: we will not be carving fish scales. I will provide you with glass fish eyes, butternut and material, a packet of Abrnet abrasive and a brass rod for mounting the crappy.  After two days of carving, you should be ready for final sanding, applying the finish and mounting your price crappy. Materials needed: 1/2″ gouge, 1/8″ to 1/4″ or smaller V – tool, carving nice and if you have a bench hook, that would be helpful. I have three which I’ll bring, so if you have one please bring it along. Skill level: beginner to advanced. Cost: $25.00. Contact Perry Johs at:

I will have many coasters and trivets to choose from. It would be nice to know if someone wanted a box ($20-25) or a Celtic cross ($12.00) because I only have a few on hand and will need to make some more.

William Ness4  William Ness3   William Ness5




Deer Relief Carving_Al GeradsAl Gerads: Dear Relief Carving. Al will be teaching an “intaglio” relief carving of a deer in the woods. Approximately 9″ X 13″ on a basswood, bark edged board. Bring your sharp tools, gloves and bench hook. Al is a member of the CMWA, St. Cloud, Minnesota for over 25 years, and really enjoys the weekend workshops. Skill level: anyone. Cost for materials $22.00. Contact Al Gerads at:







Russell Scott Metro Carving Weekend 2017_3Russell Scott: Many human caricature rough outs to choose from. Figures range from Santas to cowboys to female figures. Russell Scott Metro Carving Weekend 2017_1Check out my website to see all the variations at: skill level: beginner to advanced. Cost for materials $18.00 – $25.00. Contact Russell Scott at:







Ninga Turtle_Don Fischer smDon Fischer: “Ninja” the turtle is carved from a basswood rough out. Tools needed: carving knife and couches, carving club and a strap. Bring a light if you need one. Skill level: everyone. Costs: $30. Contact Don Fischer at:





Eagle Bust on Arrowhead_Wes SpadgenskeWes Spadgenske: the project Wes will be leading this year will be an eagle bust portrait framed in an old flint arrowhead, about 5 1/2″ by 7″. The texture of the eagle head and arrowhead are done with Palm tools. We will insert glass eyes. Painting will be discussed, but not done in class. Tools needed: sharp knives and Palm tools, especially “fee” tools for texturing. A bench hook would be handy while carving the frame. Skill level: carving experience. Cost $25.00. Contact Wes Spadgenske at:







Dick Zawacki: butternut critters. Choose from a variety of realistic printers, all done in Butternut, including bull, bear, crappy, or wood duck. We will concentrate on the animal’s anatomy, body posture,ButternutBull06 and musculature to create a pleasantly realistic carving. Details can be added to suit your own style. Tools needed: sharp knife and assorted Palm tools. Skill level: confident. Material costs include blank, eyes (if used), and related items.  $20.00 – $25.00. Contact Dick Zawacki at:




Wood Spirit in Bark_Chirs WhillockChris Whillock: wood spirits in bark. Learn to create your own spirit carved in bark with eyes, nose, mouth, features and expressions. Skill level: All. Cost $20.00. Contact Chris Whillock at: