Russell Scott, a wood artist from Saint Paul, Minnesota

My passion for woodcarving, the mystery of what can be found in a piece of wood

I am Russell Scott, a wood artist from Saint Paul, Minnesota. My passion for woodcarving is all about the search for the mystery of what can be found in a piece of wood. Each one-of-a-kind carving is a reflection of the eternal spirit that lies in the wood. I use chisels and knives to bring out the wood’s own quiet personality.

At Scott Carvings, each carving is done entirely by hand, carved free form from a model that exists only in my mind.  After carving each character, they are painted to enhance the image. I like to let my characters become a part of your family.

Most of my carvings are in basswood. I also carve in butternut and cottonwood bark for wood spirits, Santas, Native Americans and Nome houses. Human figures are what I like to carve the most. They range from holiday figures, cowboys and female figures. My carvings have received awards at carving shows, county and state fairs, and national carving contests. I am a member of several professional carving organizations, local and national.

I often teach woodcarving classes. Also I have wood carving instructional videos and books. I like to show my techniques to fellow wood carvers so they may improve in their art.

I have showcased some of my work and invite you to visit my websites at: Pinterest and YouTube

Please see my other sites at: Russ Scott

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